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Tote Style



Tote Bags are the most versatile bag that we make. The front outside pocket can be open, snapped or zipped close.

The handle(s) can be a single adjustable one from side to side or from front to back so that it can be worn across the body if you want to. There can be two handles. The top can be closed by a snap, or zipped close or simply left open.

The inside pockets can be tailored to whatever you want to carry. Usually there is one large zipped pocket and one small open one. They have a long oval shaped bottom.

The size of the average tote used as a handbag is 131/2” wide and 10” high. I can also make taller ones for carrying books, lunches, etc.



Please call or email me about this style.
802.375.4202     pony@sover.net

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